District Commissioner

Sumit C
Shri Sumit Sattawan, IAS
District Commissioner

Kamrup Metropolitan District

Lichubagan, Hengrabari, Guwahati, Assam 781036

Contact Detail :  2540149(O) / 2540104 (R)

  • +91 99583 73505
  • dc-kamrupm@nic.in / sumit.sattawan@ias.nic.in
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From the District Commissioner's Desk

This district oozes love from its soul and befittingly owes its name from a mythology of Kamdeva making the angry Lord Shiva fall in love again and saving the world from His wrath ! You can read more about this in the History section of this website, if you may so desire.

The captivating city of Guwahati is one of the shining pearls of the District- a smart city growing at a fast pace, is one of the modern and busiest cities in the nation.

Cradled by the mighty rivers - Brahmaputra , Bharalu, Digaru & Kolong, the topography, geopgraphy and the build of the District, home to more than 1.2 million citizens and many more visitors at any point in time; was known to be vulnerable to various hazards including flood, landslide, storm, riverbank erosion, urban flash food and water logging -- but with our untiring efforts and strategies and plans we have been able to mitigate and arrest such occurrences and the district is now by far one of the safest ,clean and hazard free district across the country. You can delve in deeper into some of our initiatives in the links given on this website.

We have included in this website places of interest within and near the District for interested visitors and locals alike.

The website contains the names and coordinates of the key Officials of the District Administration along with those from the Department of Police and also the honorable elected representatives.

We have also incorporated maps, guides and lists of important institutions like Hospitals, Educational Institutes and other vital institutions. Citizens will also find it convenient to look up this website for the correct contacts for NRC Set-up and other important services, information regarding development schemes, status of drugs in district store information on distribution of Other links like the RTI, Disaster Management, and external links to varied portals like the Municipality, online media , Tourism etc is an attempt on our part to create a portal as a one stop solution to the varied queries and needs any citizen or traveler might have for the District as a whole.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to make our website more robust and better.

The District Administration, Kamrup Metro and I personally dedicate this website to the citizens of this district and people of the world through this world wide web of the internet and we yearn to be the single point of 'click' to all and any query, information and services pertaining to our District and its adjoining areas. We hope we will find a place in your favorite bar on the browser and you will 'hit' us anytime you need information, service or perhaps just to eye through the updates, events and galleries.

We pledge to stay connected and be of service to one and all.

Shri Sumit Sattawan, IAS