Basistha Ashram

Bashistha Ashram, located in the Sandhychal hills, is an important pilgrimage centre. Constructed in the second half of the 18th century, the temple was built by the Ahom king, Raja Rajeswar.

This ashram is the last existing monument, which was constructed by the rulers of the Ahom dynasty. The ashram is the meeting point of three rivulets namely, Sandhya, Kanta and Lalita.

According to a popular belief, it is said that a dip in the water enhances a person’s life and also washes off the sins committed. In addition, there are several legends associated with sage Vashistha and this ashram.

According to one of the popular legends, it was said that the hermit Bashistha used to perform his ‘sandhya’ in a stream near his ashram, which was also his home. The sage became agitated due to the ardent games played by Lord Indra with his queen Shachi and other heavenly women in the stream, as the water became impure.

As a result of this, the sage cursed Indra that he would have sexual contact with a Daitya woman. This curse transformed Indra into a normal person and the curse of Bashistha also came true.

However, Lord Indra granted the Daitya woman with a blessing that her son would become a king. Her son later became the progenitor of the Ahom Kingdom and was the ruler of the entire region of Assam. According to another legend, it is believed that the sage gained spiritual success by dwelling into the secrets of Sakta practices.