Shrimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra

Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra, constructed in 1990, is one of the famous tourist attractions of Guwahati. It was built with an aim of exposing and exhibiting the exclusive culture and tradition of Assam to the outside world. Named after the saint of the Vaishnava culture, Srimanta Sankardeva, the Kalashetra is situated on the Shillong Road in the Panjabari district.

The central museum, an art gallery, an open-air theatre and a traditional Vaishnava temple are some of the major attractions located within this Kalashetra. There is also a library, Sahitya Bhavan Library. In this library, travellers can find a rare collection of famous Assamese books along with age-old manuscripts, which have been preserved.

Visitors can see a collection of the cultural articles and objects in the Central Museum, which were used by the indigenous tribes on daily basis. These have been preserved and showcased inside the central museum. In addition, there are articles made of bamboo and cane along with handmade weaving products, ethnic toys made of cloth and wood, etc. inside the Kalashetra.

The Lalit-Kala Bhavan, whici is located inside the Kalashetra has a large space available for exhibition, art and sculpture workshops.The open-air theatre inside serves as the venue of several cultural activities. With a total seating capacity of around 2,000, the theatre has hosted traditional dances, musical recitals, dramas and other cultural activities.

The most famous attraction of the Kalashetra is the artificial village, where the environment of a typical Assamese village has been recreated. There is also a Heritage park within the premises.